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The Future of Portable Sound
The world's First 3D 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbud with Premium Sub Bass

About This Project

360 is redesigning the mechanical structure of earbuds, taking leaps away from the basic structure of today's earbuds. This patented technology combines its own electro-acoustic theory and electro-acoustic materials to produce sound the way it was created. With this new mechanical approach to earbud technology, you can now listen with 5.1 virtual surround sound, the dynamic frequency range from 8Hz-20KHz, and the truest bass realized on an earbud platform. The way you listen will be changed forever.

The Technology

Part of our patented technology is in the mechanical structure. We see the earbud as an instrument, and an instrument is designed, shaped and built to produce a particular output. We took the same concept and applied it to the earbud, making 360 an instrument for listening. 360 earbud technology has been 10 years in the making with research and development. You will be the first to hear true sound replication with in-ear headphones.

5.1 Virtual Surround Sound

Hear every sound replicated the way it was recorded, in the directional way it was intended. Using some of the same concepts as binaural recording, these earbuds will immerse you in true replicated audio and listen to the best sound you will ever hear on an earbud platform.

Patented Mechanical 5 Frequency Divider

The frequencies are clearly separated to provide clarity and 3D Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound. You will hear every aspect of the output produced, as all the sounds are distributed in distinct channels. You will be amazed by the fidelity.

360 has the best frequency response of 8Hz-20KHz. Although the limit of human hearing is 20Hz, anything below can be felt as energy as a deep rumble or vibration. These low frequencies are usually realized in subwoofer systems and we have packed that all into this portable format. Infrasonic frequencies develop in the back cavity allowing you to hear crystal clear bass.

Using a viscoelastic material inside the mechanical structure, frequencies are refined to produce clear output. The material absorbs unwanted feedback inside the structure providing the optimal acoustic environment. This material is unique to 360 earbuds as part of our redesign outside the box.

Mechanical Subwoofer Bass Response

Bass is a monumental part of how you listen to content, with a swing of the beat, or the rumble of the crowd, to the ambiance in immersive experiences. During our design process, we made sure that you would have the clearest bass you will ever experience in an earbud. We have packed the same bass response you get in a luxury headphone or subwoofer into the 360 earbud.

The Future of Sound Technology for Earbuds

The standard for sound fidelity will be set with 360, and we believe this is the future of the listening experience. You will not go back to your old earbuds, however expensive.

In-Line Microphone and Input Button

360 has an in-line microphone and control button for calls and control. Always have great conversations for work or chatting with friends.

Produces True Sound

Listen to sound the way it is was intended to be heard. Period.

No Other Earbud Can Produce The Same Bass Response

Whether you're watching a movie, immersed in VR or gaming, or listening to music, you want the bass response to give you a kick. 360 earbuds will provide that bass response, never created before in any other earbud at 8Hz-20kHz frequency range.

For Sports

Hear the crowd, hear the excitement, with true fidelity. 360 will put you in the stands. Watch your sports on-the-go through your digital devices and make sure your audio is the best to put you in the game.

For Movies

Movies are synonymous with having the best bass systems; It is integral for the viewing experience. Grab your 360 to get the best portable bass system and immerse yourself in the full cinematic experience.

For Music

360 can replicate the recorded experience. Hear what the artists heard, feel what the artist felt. We had some of the best industry experts test 360. We passed with flying colors. We are confident your music wont sound better on any other earbud.

Chris Julian

Chris Julian is an industry expert in Film Sound Engineering and Music Production. Chris has extensive award winning work, in both the film and music industry. He has an Emmy Award for film sound editing, 23 Gold Records, 5 Platinum, and more award accolades to name a few. Working with movie and music legends, ranging from tv shows to hip hop, he believes that 360 will replicate the same sounds he engineers in the studio.

Gregg Rolie

Gregg Rolie is a two time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee and a founding member of Santana and Journey. As a legend in the music industry, with expertise across multiple instruments and audio production, he believes 360 can reproduce the music the way it should be.

Ron Wikso

Ron Wikso is a drummer and producer who has worked with many music legends from the likes of Foreigner, Cher, David Lee Roth. Listening through songs he has worked on, he believes 360 delivers phenomenal fidelity.

Andy Abad

Andy is a passionate guitarist and producer with extensive résumé of live performances and recordings with top current artists like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and many more. Andy believes 360 has crystal clear sound and is able to hear clear outputs of different aspects of the music the way it was produced.

For VR

Virtual Reality is all about immersion. 360 puts you right in the experience through immersive 3D Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound.

Master of Sound

From research and development to mass market manufacturing, the 360 team is ready to bring you the technology that has been 10 years in the making.